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    The 10-Minute Refresh for Moms: Less Stress, More Joy

    The perfect self-help book for moms of any stage or age. Learn simple to apply yet life-changing habits that will help you feel a lot more peace and a lot less overwhelm. Bring CALM back into your life with this book proven to REFRESH your life.

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  • Remember All That Is: Conversations With My Daughter After She Died

    My worst fear came true when my little girl drowned in our back yard. Little did I know the miracle that would soon occur. I soon learned we had made a soul contract to write a book together to expand the collective consciousness. In this book I ask her all the questions about life, death, parenting, pain, religion, politics, etc; and channel her mind-blowing answers.

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  • Ocean Art Course

    Learn how to create your very own ocean art & bring the serenity & peace of the beach home for good! You'll be given step by step video modules & a list of all things needed to make 4 different kinds of Ocean Art!

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  • Geode Art Course

    Learn how to create gorgeous resin geode art from the comfort of your own home. You'll receive access to the course membership with 5 modules showing you exactly how to create geodes with resin. You'll also receive a list of all the necessary products needed to make geode art.

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  • How to Have Less Stress & More Joy Online Course

    This course contains so many nuggets of wisdom I've learned as a mom as well as very practical & applicable hacks to help anyone know how to relax & feel calm even when life is crazy & feels overwhelming.

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Apparel & Accessories

Apparel & Accessories

Inspirational t-shirts and jewelry to help spread joy and bring smiles to... 

  • Leighann Grier

    Nichole’s course is very informative and helpful for those who are new to resin art. It gives you a good understanding on how to create geode resin art step by step. The list of equipment she informs you to purchase is very helpful and ensures that you don’t waste money on buying products that aren’t suitable for resin art. She is very responsive to any questions you might have and is a lovely and bubbly teacher I really enjoyed trying out this medium!

  • Jenny Winkler

    Ooohing & Aaahing

    I put the new art pieces from Embers Glow Studio on our hutch, which is downstairs so we can all see them all the time! I think they fit perfectly. My kids loved them too. They were like ooohing and aaahing as soon as they spotten where I put them!

  • Wendy Schenk

    I felt a connection to how Nichole's art helped you connect with your daughter and the grief you are suffering!  The video course was a great way for me to get started!  It helped me to understand the safety aspects  as well as the supplies I would need!  You have showed me that this media is so flexible!  You can try so many different things.