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Remember All That Is; Conversations With My Daughter After She Died

This is a channeled book with my daughter. It has been a long heavy road to get to this point of being willing to share these sacred and very personal conversations I had via my laptop and meditations after Emberly passed away. I have feared rejection and loss of my tribe, as this book is NOT FOR EVERYONE. It covers all the questions I had while deconstructing from my very high demand religion and from Christianity in general. So far, readers either seem to love it or hate it- so be warned. If you are HAPPY with your current belief systems, this is NOT for you. If you have a lot of doubts, questions, cognitive dissonance and an open mind, this book might give you nuggets that will change your life. It has for me and for many readers. You can get it now on Amazon:

If you'd like a free sneak peek into the book before purchasing, you can get that here:



the 10-minute refresh for moms book and audio book picture

The 10-Minute Refresh for Moms: Less Stress, More Joy Book

This book helps moms with simple happiness hacks and teaches how to prioritize time, tasks, and oneself to optimize the experience of being a mother.

Physical Book on Amazon:

Audio Book on Audible:




Geode Art Course

Geode Art Course (learn how to make this exact piece)

Want to learn how to make gorgeous masterpieces with your own two hands?

I now have 2 different courses for Resin Artists (whether complete beginners or wanting to learn geode and ocean art). 

You can buy them separately or in a bundle package for the best bang for your buck: 

This link will lead you to the Geode Art Course, where you will learn how to make the piece in the picture above (and all the basics of resin art) for $47:


Ocean Art Course:

Ocean Art Course (learn all 4 pieces in one class)

If the ocean is more of your vibe than geodes, this course is for you... You will learn the best tips for creating realistic waves and using real sand and shells in your pieces. This course teaches you 4 different ways to create ocean art in one class! You can buy this course now for $47, or get it bundled with the geode art and save an extra 25%...


Art Course Bundle:

Learn how to make a geode & 4 different ocean pieces!

Get Both the Geode & Ocean Art Courses Bundled Together for 25% off individual prices!



Discovering Peace Through Mindfulness Course with Workbook

Stressed to Refreshed Workbook that comes with the course

If you want to minimize your stress & overwhelm while finding deep inner peace and self-acceptance, this course is for you!  You'll receive 5 different modules broken down into bite-sized chunks that will help you feel refreshed and love your life.




 Not Sure If Resin Is For You?

Grab my FREE Resin E-book to see before committing to any courses or buying materials.

 Pictures of Pages from the FREE Resin Ebook: Could Resin Change Your Life Like It Has Mine?

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Free Workbook: How to Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Passed