About Me

Nichole Clark and her family


Hi! I'm Nichole. I'm a wife, mom, and a serial mompreneur. I am a published author, course creator, biz and spiritual consultant, and artist. I love helping women feel relief and joy while overcoming stress and pain. 

This picture of my family was taken in May of 2020, three months before my youngest child, Emberly, drowned. It is the ONLY and LAST photo I will ever have of my entire family together. (yes this is a plug for YOU to make sure to take family pics!!). Life is ever changing and we are constant works in progress. Death has taught me so much about living!

I turned to art and writing after Emby passed, and both have proven very therapeutic. I now share my art, courses, and writings to help others who are feeling grief and sadness. My intention is always to share love and light and to help others see and feel their worth and experience true inner peace. 

Nearly everything I create is my way of leaving a legacy for my daughter, and helping others live their best lives, including myself. I can honestly say I am at such a deep inner peace and joy now that I want to share all I have learned with others and spread the love. 


I feel my daughter with me the most when I am at my happiest. Sharing her light with you brings me great joy. It is a win-win-win. 

Every month I give 10% of the profits from this website to a non-profit of my choice, so we can keep giving to those in need. Please let me know if you have a cause you'd like me to donate too.  

Here is a photo of Emberly Joy at 18 months old, two months before she passed:


Emberly Joy Clark #forever20months

Here is a beautiful photo created by a friend, Amber Wilson, who creates gorgeous graphic work from photos. Emberly has appeared to me many times in this form or butterfly and I adore this photo!