About Me

The last picture with me and All my kids.


Hi! I'm Nichole. I'm a wife, mom, and a serial mompreneur. I am a published author (The 10-Minute Refresh for Moms), course creator, empowerment coach, and artist. I have been helping moms feel relief and joy while overcoming stress and pain for several years now. 

I never thought of myself as an artist, although I've always been very creative. In August of 2020, my entire life turned upside down. My sweet 20-month old daughter, Emberly Joy, drowned in our pool.

The grief and devastation have been life altering in many ways.

Soon after her passing, I found a facebook ad for a class on how to make resin geodes. I was mesmerized. Something deep inside me urged me to sign up.

Here I am 18 months later feeling so much relief and joy from the art therapy that epoxy resin has brought to me. I know and feel my baby with me as I create art that heals my soul and helps spark joy in others and keeps my baby's ember glowing. Each piece is unique and helps me create a legacy that will live on long after I do. I love that my daughter still sparks joy through my art and transformation.

I now create unique art pieces, have some courses for you to learn how to create art as well, coach, and help moms find pearls in their pain. I feel my daughter with me the most when I am at my happiest. Sharing her light with you brings me great joy. It is a win-win-win. 

Every month I give 10% of the profits from this website to a non-profit of my choice, so we can keep giving to those in need. Please let me know if you have a cause you'd like me to donate too. 



Here is a photo of Emberly Joy at 18 months old, two months before she passed:


Emberly Joy Clark #forever20months

Here is a beautiful photo created by a friend, Amber Wilson, who creates gorgeous graphic work from photos. Emberly has appeared to me many times in this form or butterfly and I adore this photo!