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Embers Glow Studio

"INTERTWINED" Abstract Modern Art

"INTERTWINED" Abstract Modern Art

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I created this piece while in the "messy middle" of my spiritual awakening. I was deconstructing from a "black and white" worldview to one where I was able to see how many colors are in between and how many shades of grade are in between the human beliefs of "right and wrong." 

Throughout our lives we interact with other souls all the time. Whether its a smile or nod to a stranger on the street, or a long-standing relationship...

Each of us matters in the grand scheme of life, and each life that we come in contact with creates a thread with which we are forever intertwined. At source level, we are all ONE, and every single soul is important to the whole. 

This mixed media art is created on a 24x36x1 1/2 inch canvas. 

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